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6 Feb 2016

Rose Quartz & Serenity are Colors of the Year How color & culture create our color palettes

Pink is romantic - and strong! Use pink as a neutral to create a sophisticated vibe with a dash of mod. Pink does all this quietly with a hint of romance and a splash of sex appeal.


Now mix in some amazing neutrals, and pair it with its best friend (blue) and they can become color of the year. Wonder why pink (rose quartz) & blue (serenity) rose above 1,000s of colors and...

24 Oct 2015



Buyers want light, bright, spacious and airy. Windows are an expensive feature  of the home. Show them off. Here's how! Washing windows will increase the light factor in a home by as much as 30 percent.  That makes a big difference. Showcase your windows with linen-type curtain panels. The symmetry of the curtain panels will highlight your windows. Window valances make a room look darker so pack them away!


White or off-white curtain panels look terrific and w...

20 Oct 2015

Join our Workshop at the Burlington Public Library, Burlington, MA

Boring to Beautiful in 5 Steps












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25 Sep 2015

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), yellow houses sell faster than other houses. All things being equal—two houses with the same style, condition and price and in the same neighborhood—the yellow house will sell faster. Why? Buyers are looking for a comfort zone and yellow evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort. When you buy a house it is all about emotion, and color evokes emotions. Color is very powerful!

When you put your home on the market, y...

11 Sep 2015


Home Sweet Home - The past, present and your future


As you think about putting your home on the market, take a few minutes to reflect on your home’s past, present and future.


Past: What was your house like when you first bought it? What features stood out and made you decide to purchase your home? Make a list of all the things: Perhaps you loved the family room and now your lifestyle requires that you use it as an office. Recreate that room to what it was. If you l...

25 Aug 2015

Join our Webinar with ADe on 9/8 at 7 PM.
Light Bulbs & Smart Home Technology - The new norm!

If you are as confused as we are about the new light bulbs you will definitely want to join us. Lighting technology has benefits that attract the modern buyer and influences the home selling process. We'll explore what kind of light bulbs works, what doesn't and how light bulbs & home technology make homes more comfortable and convenient.

Be sure to check out the winners of t...

28 May 2015

Check out this great event (June 13, 2015). 
What a wonderful way to start off summer!
Lots of new ideas and tips and trends for your home! 
Thank you to Lucia Lighting for sharing this - sign up for their emails!



Start summer off Saturday June 13, 2015 at the "Passport to Summer Living" event in Gloucester, MA at The Building Center.


Lucia Lighting will be there (sign up for their website), too!


You’re invited to celebrate SUMMER at an...

10 May 2015


"A marble sliding wall wraps around a cross-shaped column clad with a black rubber skin:  this is what we call the Miessian Gimp (a reference to the Gimp character from Pulp Fiction)."


-  2 years to build
-  Commercial and residential construction
-  Landscape integration


Please check out the website of The Powerhouse Company. 




27 Oct 2014






Paint the front door - an appropriate shade of red!


Check out more ideas! 










8 Sep 2013

This trio of pictures is from a home I staged quite a while ago. I learned so much about staging and the homeowners were wonderful. Every house I stage makes me a little better at staging. Kind of like the piano: practice practice practice.


Check out the 1st picture on the left: The topiarys on the fireplace mantle lead your eye to the artwork on the mantle.


The middle picture shows 2 columns on either side of the entry to the dining room. In both pictures “symmetry...

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