Light it up! Lighting tips

October 24, 2015




Buyers want light, bright, spacious and airy. Windows are an expensive feature  of the home. Show them off. Here's how! Washing windows will increase the light factor in a home by as much as 30 percent.  That makes a big difference. Showcase your windows with linen-type curtain panels. The symmetry of the curtain panels will highlight your windows. Window valances make a room look darker so pack them away!


White or off-white curtain panels look terrific and when you sell your house these can be brought to your new home. Bamboo blinds and plantation blinds look terrific, too. Match them to your window moldings. And the blind can be angled to let in the light and hide a poor view at the same time.


Now, go outside.  Yes!  Go outside and see how the windows look from the street.  This is the "Buyer's view" of your home.  Are the shades and curtains consistent?  What happens in one window should happen in all of them.  The best arrangement for a window treatments is shades down 1/4 or 1/3.  The window panels (if you have any) should be pulled to either side. 


Windows are an expensive feature and they should reflect your home in the best way possible!






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