How to sell your house - The past, present & your future.

September 11, 2015



Home Sweet Home - The past, present and your future


As you think about putting your home on the market, take a few minutes to reflect on your home’s past, present and future.


Past: What was your house like when you first bought it? What features stood out and made you decide to purchase your home? Make a list of all the things: Perhaps you loved the family room and now your lifestyle requires that you use it as an office. Recreate that room to what it was. If you liked that feature when you bought your home, your buyer will probably like it too.


Present: Clean, clear and pack. You are moving, so start packing. You are selling space and the more space you show the buyer, the more willing the buyer will be to invest in the purchase of your home. When your home is clean, the buyer will be comfortable.  When the buyer is comfortable, they will make an offer.


Future: If you were going to stay in your home, what improvements and/or changes would you make?  Maybe you thought about adding a garage, or a screened porch, or you were thinking of taking down a wall and making the kitchen bigger. Let your Realtor know. That shows the potential for what your home offers.  The more your Realtor knows about the benefits of your home, the more value your home has!






What changes have you made to your home?  Leave a comment to share your changes & suggestions for other readers.  And please share this post.  Just use the button below.


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