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September 25, 2015


According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), yellow houses sell faster than other houses. All things being equal—two houses with the same style, condition and price and in the same neighborhood—the yellow house will sell faster. Why? Buyers are looking for a comfort zone and yellow evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort. When you buy a house it is all about emotion, and color evokes emotions. Color is very powerful!

When you put your home on the market, you have to consider how the colors in your home will impact the buyer. The number one question we get from homeowners and Realtors is “Do we have to paint?”


It can be quite expensive to change color in a home, particularly if the color is tied to a big color decision like a carpet. Neutralizing a color scheme in a home that is on the market is very important.


By neutralizing the color with some tips and tricks, you can create universal appeal for the buyer without painting the entire room.


There are several ways to neutralize. Neutralize means harmony or a sense of balance in a room. To create balance and harmony, use colors that are low in intensity and saturation. For staging purposes, the subtlety of whites, off-whites and creams balance the vibrant color and will have less impact on a person. There will still be some influence, but it will be minimal—and that is the key—minimal.


One of our clients had a room that was painted a rich vibrant purple–it was a terrific purple room. But a buyer might not appreciate it as much as the Seller and our client didn't have the time or willingness to repaint the room. So we recommended a yellow color complement. This neutralized the purple and made the room feel more balanced. We used a few yellow accents and softened the effect with white accessories such as curtain panels, pillows, comforter, and lamp shades.  This created a more pleasing palette.


These are all items that can be brought to your new home too.

If you do have the time to paint—consider Benjamin Moore’s Aura Paint; it takes two coats in one day without a primer. Amazing!






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